Standing Out By Standing Together
With 323 nonprofits in Genesee County (2009 Urban Institute data), how can organizations stand out in the crowd?  We already know that leadership across the organization is important–have the right people on the bus, make sure everyone is sitting in the right seat, and,  make sure everyone knows where you are going.  But, what else? […]Team playing–is that leadership?
On Thursday, January 26 the BEST Project launched the first class of the BEST Leadership Institute (BLI) for individuals interested in leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.  There are currently 19 people in BLI.  The theme for the two-day Retreat was Team Playing.  Why is effective team playing important to leadership (in the nonprofit sector […]Fundraising for Nonprofits
Fundraising can be a daunting activity for nonprofit professionals, board members, volunteers, etc.  But there are many ways for individuals to help a nonprofit raise money for their mission.  And this notion that it is like “begging” or asking for a handout is just another excuse any of us can use not to take action. […]Public Policy Action Institute–How are we doing in the area of advocacy for our sector?
Thought leaders from throughout the country have gathered in Chicago to discuss the most pressing issues facing the nonprofit sector.  All agree on one thing, change is coming.  Some call it a tsunami others a perfect storm…….whatever you call it–it is going to be done to us as nonprofits rather than with us if we […]Do you follow policies that impact your organization? We all should.
In the midst of delivering programs, raising funds, meeting with partners, working with your board and the many “all other duties as assigned” it is difficult to stay tuned in to and informed about all of the trends and activities taking place in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector that have an impact on our work. […]Focusing on mission
This blog will focus on a variety of topics, subjects, issues and thoughts that are directly related to the mission of the BEST Project as well as nonprofits and funders.  BEST aims to build the capacity and sustainability of the Genesee County nonprofit sector.  This means providing a variety of education tools and programs for […]Headed to Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference…Will you be there?
The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is an organization that brings capacity builders together to further our field.  This year, the event will focus on leadership, governance and evaluation.  All three of these topics are at the core of our work.  I look forward to sharing conversations, resources, links, etc. regarding these topics.  Stay tuned or […]Creating a culture of inquiry
Does your board welcome diverse perspectives?  Are individual board members given an opportunity to weigh in on important organizational decisions? Boards often aim for diverse membership but fail to engage the full board.  How does your organization cultivate a culture of inquiry–defined by thoughtful, mutually respectful debate and dialog about consequential questions and issues for […]Thank you for visiting All About Mission
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